Daily Bread

what you see

sitting here;

a table, wine, bread,

are words

ready to be shared

consumed, burned

virtually crucified

ready, nonetheless

it will be here


like prayers


I guess the above is some sort of manifesto to this site, as I plan to post my loaves, breadcrumbs or droplets daily for everyone to enjoy.

I do this because I crave words like food, and I like cooking texts as well as meals, hopefully to somebody’s enjoyment other than my own.

I have decided to call this site “Daily Bread” as a reference to The Lord’s Prayer. Not because I am particularly religious, but as a translation of the Old English phrase ” ure gedægwhemlican Hlaf” meaning (our) daily bread as it is found in King Ælfred’s Bible.

My interest in the English language, like the phrase from the Bible, is a multilayered one. I love the English language like my own.