NaPoWriMo 2: Experiment With Voice

I was teaching Ishiguro’s
Never Let Me Go
the first part
explaining the boarding school setting
like a controlled environment
(very unlike my classroom)

My class was given a task
of making character descriptions
based on nine chapters
their homework for today
group work
and I observed

Boy”I did not read this
did any of you?”
Girl “no, I haven’t got a clue
and she speaks weird English”
“I’m lost”
Boy: “look here”
some film appears on screen

“I don’t recall directing you to
I had snuck up on them
no notes on paper
“sorry, Miss”
blushes and girls giggling
“we’re getting alarmingly close
to this year’s assessment”

It wasn’t the first time
nor the second or tenth
the title of the novel
quite fitting in that moment
I smiled and quizzed
I didn’t let him go

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